Step Up Together 2023 Campaign September 29, 2023 Update

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Step Up Together Almost ThereWe are almost there faith family, we are almost there! We are a few dollars short of our $30,000 second goal. Do you still wish to give a gift or give another gift to push us over the finish line? Every dollar given is valuable.

Our first goal was to acquire $25,000 in gifts. That means, our diocese will grant us $25,000 in a matching gift. Our second goal was to collect $5,000 in additional gifts and our Diocese would match that at $.75 per dollar or a $3,750 grant. We are just dollars away from that second goal!

We will wrap up this campaign at the end of October. Any gifts received over our goal will be applied towards the $40,000 loan we must acquire.

At the end of the campaign, we will have a celebration and invite everyone to sign a thank you card to our Diocese for their matching gifts.

We anticipate that work will begin on repairing the stairwell and retaining wall in mid-October.

All campaign details are available at Step Up Together 2023 Campaign.