Nave 2021From Matthew 6:21:
21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

We are asked to give of our time, talent and treasure. Below are ways we can give to the greater glory of God.

Giving of our treasure

– Visit our online giving site for convenient giving options.

– Make a payment toward your pledge.

– To request us to schedule debits for you, ​you may manage donations online at Pledge donations ( or print and complete this ACH Authorization form and mail it to St. Thomas’s Episcopal Parish, 276 S. College Ave., Newark Delaware 19711.

– Complete your pledge if you have not done so already.

– Visit your bank site, identify St. Thomas’s Parish as a payee, and schedule your gifts.

Giving of our time and talents
Get involved in serving in our ministries and / or serving others.

Have questions? Please by calling th4e Parish Office at (302) 368-4644 or writing to us at