Step Up Together 2023 Campaign – WE DID IT!

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Hello faith family. We have some very good news. We have exceeded our Step Up Together 2023 Campaign goals again!

Step Up Together - we did itWe gave gifts of $25,000 and will receive a $25,000 matching grant from our Diocese. Then, we raised an additional $5,000 where the Diocese will match $.75 to the dollar so we received another $3,750 matching grant. On top of that, we gave gifts in the amount of $7,991 which will reduce the $40,000 loan that we will have to acquire. To date we have received $37,991 in gifts! Thank you, thank you.

Our hearts are full and it is time to express the thanks and love that we have shown for our parish.

Won’t you join us on Sunday, October 22, 2023, after each service for treats and to sign a thank you card for the Diocese?

In thanksgiving,

The Step Up Together Committee