Annual Giving Ingathering this Sunday, October 29, 2023

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Created for good worksYou are invited to the Annual Giving Ingathering this Sunday, October 29, 2023. At Sunday’s worship services, we will present our pledge gifts in thanksgiving to be blessed. Many thanks to those of you who have provided your pledge cards. If you have not pledged, would you want to do so by Sunday? You may bring your pledge card to the service you attend, drop it in the pledge box in the lobby this week, or mail it in the self-addressed envelope provided with your Annual Giving materials.

Why do we pledge? Our parish budget is based on our gift giving. In December, the Vestry will approve our 2024 budget based on our giving. Annual Giving is about funding the work we are called to do.

As we approach the budget for 2024, our Annual Giving campaign is hoping you will truly consider ALL the ways you can help – including the monetary gift you are willing to give. This is the one time each year when we remind you that the work we do is funded, largely, by all of us collectively. As we move more and more into in-person gatherings and worship, our contributions are more and more necessary – all of them.

Remember, WE are the church – WE are created for Good Works – WE are how good works happen! Let your good works shine forth in all you do, all you give, all you are. Thank you for continuing support as we work to do all we can in the love of Christ.

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In thanksgiving,
Annual Giving Ministry

Gracious God, we thank you for creating and recreating us to do your good works in the world. Pour into our hearts the spirit of your abundance. Remind us that what we have is only and always for your glory, and that what we give for the work of your church is our testimony to the blessings we have already received. Guide us as we make the choices that will help build your kingdom now and in the future. And sustain us always with the promise of the gift beyond price, your presence among us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.