Annual Giving for 2024 Thank You

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Created for good worksBrothers and Sisters:

As we prepare to send the pledge totals to the Vestry for their final budget meeting in December, we want to bring you all up to date.

First, thank you to everyone who has submitted a pledge card.  Your gifts are all important and we appreciate your willingness to give.  Those of you who give electronically, and have not submitted a pledge card, please do so, as it gives the Vestry additional necessary information.  And, those of you who are still considering whether you will give, know it is never too late to submit a pledge. Our Annual Giving site provides info you may need.

At this point we have 75 pledges totaling about $238,000.  This is roughly 82% of our $290,000 pledge goal.  We are very pleased with this information, but as you can see there will be things that we will not be able to accomplish with this total. We pray that more of you will respond with pledge cards in the weeks ahead.  WE are the church. WE are created for good works and together we can accomplish more than we can individually.  As Father Howie said this morning, we must remember who we are – and WHOSE we are.

In God’s Love,

Your Annual Giving Ministry Ministry
Fr. Howie, Joy Lynam, Kristin Sausville, Helen Spence, Jinglan Redder