Succulent plant sale a success

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Thank you to everyone who made our 2022 first annual St. Thomas’s succulent sale a success! Together, we were able to donate close to $500 to help those impacted by the turmoil in Ukraine.

This year, the alter of repose was adorned with small succulent plants, grown by a local Newarkian, Iris Pangan (Instagram: iris.gardens). Please keep Iris in mind for your local plant needs!

Since succulents can survive harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures and water scarcity, they are associated with resilience and survival. On Good Friday, April 1, 2022, these plants, associated with everlasting love, endurance and loyalty were available for donation.

100% of the donations were sent to Wine To Water is a non-profit, working in Ukraine and neighboring countries to distribute water filters to families displaced and under attack in this crisis. Their networks are with local ground leaders devoted to helping in this humanitarian crisis and we wish support their courage.

With infrastructure and supply chains disrupted in the region, people depend on surface water from rivers, rain or untreated sources. Filters give families and shelters a way to prevent waterborne illnesses common in war and refugee camps. The filters also avoid dependencies on single use plastics which add to the environmental disaster created by a global crisis.