Property Care Volunteer Tree

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Property Volunteer TreeThe Property Ministry is hoping to expand opportunities to help care for our grounds to the whole church. Many of the routine tasks that need to be performed do not require special skills or complex tools.  We have placed a Property Care Board in the Foyer. There will be a seasonal list of tasks along with a Tree and Leaves. Remember that we care for the property directly around St. Thomas’s, the Grove next to St. Thomas’s as well as our cemetery next to “Old St. Thomas’s”.

If you are interested in helping or perform a task on the list or if you notice something else that needs to be done. Take a leaf and write the task on the leaf. You can take the leaf home with you to remind you of the task. Once the task is completed you can add your name to the leaf and place it on the tree to celebrate a job well done. Seasonally we will empty the tree and put a new list on the board as well as recognize those who have contributed noted efforts. The more tasks we can take care of ourselves, the less we have to pay outside professionals. This is an opportunity for you and your family or for a couple of church friends to take on some tasks when it is convenient for you.  A couple of hours here or there by lots of hands can make or church home more inviting. The yard waste bins are located in the back by the dumpster. They are typically emptied on Mondays.  

If there are tasks you would like to help with, but do not know what to do, do not have the tools necessary, or need multiple people to help with the task to make it safe or easier, just contact the Property Ministry at  If you plan on taking on any of the bigger tasks we would appreciate you letting us know so that we can either help out, focus our own energies elsewhere or avoid hiring professionals for the job.
The Property Ministry typically meets the first Thursday of each month at noon in the Parish Hall.  All are welcome.  If you can take care of your home, you can help to take care of our church home. If there are items that you think should be on our list or if you notice issues around the building please let us know.

Also note that the Girl Scout Troop 719 has adopted the two quarter circle flower beds in the courtyard.  They will take care of planting those beds.

I pray that Jesus walks with all of you.

Sue Houghton