Praying Shapes Believing: The Sermon

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Fr. Howie is writing a series of “Praying Shapes Believing” articles that appear in our weekly Sunday worship bulletins. Whether it is your first time, or your thousandth, reading, reciting, and praying the traditional Rite II worship from the Book of Common Prayer, it is worthwhile to ask why. We will examine some of our prayers and collects to help us find more meaning and connection in the ritual. See all topics in the Praying Shapes Believing series.

The Sermon

The preaching of a sermon (sometimes also called a homily) is customary on Sundays and holy days.

What is it?

Philips Brooks, a famous preacher and Episcopal bishop, called preaching “truth through personality.” Each sermon is one person’s interpretation, on one day, as guided by the Holy Spirit.

Why do we do it?

Although we understand all parts of the liturgy to teach us, the sermon gives the clergy (or others, on occasion) an opportunity to remind the faithful of key aspects of our faith and to help them connect the Word of God with their own lives.

What it says about God

God uses all available messengers and media.

By the grace of God, we are empowered to speak God’s truth.

Messages for how we live

God’s love is revealed in the stories we tell one another.

For more – Choose a Bible story and imagine how you might explain it to someone who did not know it.