Live-streaming Guild: this is your invitation

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Live Stream GuildOur live streaming has been such a blessing to our parish. While we were pushed into it rather forcefully by the pandemic, the results have been wonderful! During those initial tough months, we were all able to stay connected spiritually. And, we continue to have the option of “tuning in” online if we are traveling, home sick, or unable to come in for whatever the reason. Many relatives and friends from around the world have been able to see our Christmas pageant, and attend baptisms and funerals. Also, we have a growing online congregation! There are faith family members who have not and may never come in-person to the church building, and they are just as beloved as those sitting in the pews next to you.

Never forget that it’s God who is continuously and triumphantly building His Church and making things grow (1 Corinthians 3:7).

We just need to be faithful in working hard, praying hard, and caring for our neighbors. With a lot of faith, and much generosity, next week we will be getting a major upgrade to our live streaming set-up. Up until this point, we have been streaming through phones with a less than effective sound system. This equipment will make a tremendous difference in the quality of the presentations. And, with this upgrade, A NEW GUILD will be created: the live streaming guild (or whatever they wish to be called once they come together).

The invitation into this group is really an invitation to be hands-on in God’s mission. Some important points to know:
• Similar to ushering, this duty would run one service only with a separate volunteer for 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services.
• Plenty of training will be provided, and step-by-step instructions will be there for you every time.
• We are hoping for plenty of volunteers so that this will be a once-a-month commitment, or less.

The Lord will give us the capacity for His work: not many of us in this congregation are knowledgeable with this streaming technology, but as believers we know that God will teach and guide us. When you consider if this guild is a match for you, it’s not so much that your current skills are a perfect pairing…it’s more so an opportunity to grow in the purpose to which God has called us all: To make disciples and care for His flock.

Bob Gilley will guide the Guild, and we will soon be doing a “train the trainers” session with MidSouth. Anyone who would like to learn at that stage is invited to join us on Wednesday, December 7th at a time to be announced early next week.

As we heard repeatedly during stewardship season, opportunities welcome us if we seek them. PLEASE- contact Fr. Howie, the office, or Bob with ANY questions, comments, suggestions, and to volunteer for this NEW GUILD!

Kind Regards,
Cana Hartman, Parish Administrator or (302) 368-4644