ECM Report for November 2021

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Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) has continued meeting on Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. Aly—our president sends out reminders via Groupme and email. We have also started asking students to confirm their attendance by GroupMe polls in order to share this information with parishioners who have been graciously making dinner for the students and fellowshipping with us. Thanks St. Thomas’s church family!

Blue Hen Bounty (BHB) food pantry has been serving more members of the community during the pandemic. Patronage has not abated this semester or during Thanksgiving break it has increased! Thank you for your ongoing support of ECM and especially BHB.

A big thank you to the St. Thomas’s church family members who have been making dinners for the students. WE LOVE HOME COOKED MEALS! Pizza and fries have been happily exchanged for taco bar, baked ziti, meat loaf, lots of salad and great bread. Thank you so very much!!! Please consider signing up for a Wednesday night to share a meal and fellowship with us this coming semester.

Amy Keach and Teresa Coons attended an ECM meeting and brought dinner! Not only was dinner great, but we learned a lot more about how budgets work and the process of requisitioning funds from St. Thomas’s and the University of Delaware. Thanks again ladies!

Bulletin board decoration in the classroom is in full swing. If you have a moment, please get to know us better by reading about us on our ECM bulletin board in the classroom. We are not done yet; but we are almost there.

The student sexual assault group which was organized in response to the ongoing sexual assault problems on our campus seems to have disbanded following the resolution of the latest well publicized incident. Therefore, our efforts to support their work was not needed.

We received a large donation from a high school-based food insecurity organization called the Diwali Group just in time for Thanksgiving. Tejasvi Pathipati and Arin Nakirikanti, with honorable mention for Navyasri Pathipati (the 6th grade little sister who helped her 11th grade sister) are the fabulous students responsible who are supported in their efforts by their parents. Cana wrote a great article about the donation in the Carpenter’s Helper with pictures.

Thanks St. Thomas’s family,
Denise Burgher, Graduate Convening Adviser