Coming Home … Going Forward, Together – A Pastoral Letter to St. Thomas’s Parish

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Blessings in Grace to all in this family of faith!

I have been emerging from what feels like a very bad and persistent hangover from a one night bender, something I have not felt this palpably in over 19 years. Holding my feelings in prayer, and in the conversations with so many who bear your own feelings like this emerging less from who won or did not win the elections this Tuesday past but more from what has happened to us as a nation, as human beings one to another, in this land. A philosopher once wrote about the early emerging nation called the United States of America that “What makes America great is that it is GOOD. When it ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.”

What has emerged from my prayerful bearing of this “hangover” is a pastoral letter I have attached,  sharing my journey and given to you as it may be of help, if any. As noted in the latter part of the letter, I will be present for holy listening and speaking with one another for anyone who desires on Sunday, November 13 in the seating circle in the Great Hall between and after the morning services, and will arrive around 4 p.m. for the 5:30 p.m. service this day.

This is not a commentary, it is my best prayerful response, broken and redeemed as I am. My desire is that we not spiral down into the ugly diatribe swirling around us, but as people of Love, be with one another, for one another, in Christ. May this be so. See this Pastoral Letter.

Grateful to all, always, in peace,
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+