Annual Giving 2023

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Gracious and loving God, you have given us everything that we need.  Come now and do a new thing in us.  Help us to live with open hearts and open hands.  Awaken in us the gift of gratitude, that all our works may praise you.  Deliver us from the fear that leads us to horde your blessings.  And teach us to hold what we have reverently, but lightly.  Be with us as we seek to do your will.  And give us your blessing always.  Amen.

Annual Giving 2023During the last week of September 2022, an Annual Giving packet is being mailed to our homes. Annual Giving is when parishioners are asked to give thanksgiving and pledge their financial gifts for the coming year. Our parish budget is based on our gift giving. Our Vestry has determined that the goal for this year’s campaign is $290,000.

The Annual Giving packet includes an invitation letter, annual giving visual, and pledge card.

Throughout October 2022 during Sunday’s worship service, we will briefly share “Ministry Moments” of our blessings and ask how we might share our gifts with our church and others.

We hope you will use these weekly “Ministry Moments” to pray about your annual gift to our church and how our church might serve in our community.

Annual Giving pledgesThe Annual Giving theme this year is “Behold, I am doing a new thing!” Isaiah 43:19
An opportunity exists before us to examine how much we give and whether we can do more. Opportunities welcome us if we seek them.

Watch our poster bloom with flowers representing our gifts. Thank you for gifts given so far.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information.

Won’t you please pledge your financial gifts on your pledge card and return it by October 30, 2022?

In thanksgiving,
Annual Giving Ministry
Fr. Howie, Joy Lynam, Kristin Sausville, Helen Spence, Jinglan Redder