A successful Cooking for Two community outreach event

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As part of St. Thomas’s commitment to providing for University of Delaware students who are food insecure, we are always looking for new ways to extend our food resources. To that end, we have joined with the Delaware Cooperative Extension to offer classes to learn to prepare nutritious, easy meals.

Cooking for One or TwoWe had our first class in June 2022 which was open to all members of the community. The theme was Cooking for One or Two. We made shrimp stir fry, broccoli salad and apple pie, Not only did we learn some new recipes, but it was a great to sit and share a meal with others!

Next class is Crock Pot Cooking which will be scheduled for Fall 2022. Using a crock pot is an easy way for busy people to make a nutritious meal and the Cooperative Extension has many great recipes for all tastes and budgets. Currently, we are collecting crock pots to use in this class and then to add to our Blue Hen Bounty supplies to give to students along with the ingredients for a meal. Blue Hen Bounty is a food pantry that provides supplemental nutrition to  University of Delaware students who are food insecure and cannot provide ample nutrition for themselves.

We will be publishing further information about upcoming classes so stay tuned.